A flexible web API for PDF generation in Salesforce

Create and share invoices, quotes, offers, and much more with the data that you already have, using our highly customizable templates.

Why ThunderPDF

Let us make document generation and sharing easy for you.

Streamlined templates

Your users can modify their own templates in ThunderPDF using design dynamic and compelling document templates leveraging Microsoft Word’s powerful functionalities, and generate any documents they might need within Salesforce.

Flexible and scalable

You can write mathematical and logical expressions to manipulate and customize values displayed in components. ThunderPDF also allows customizable header, footer, logo (image), as well as for any fonts to be used in your templates.

Seamless adaptations

Whether you need to update the CI of your documents, or adding and removing certain fields, you can easily do so in the ThunderPDF templates. Your Salesforce data will be imported seamlessly and your final documents will be generated consistently.

Cost-effective implementation

With just a few clicks, your business users can leverage your customer data and existing technology to easily and efficiently create, generate, manage, deliver, and store highly personalized, consistent documents.

Minimal deployment time

With ThunderPDF, you create PDF documents from MS Word - a format you already know, you'll be up and running with your document generation in no time. You can also automatically process batches of document outputs with highly extensible options.

Easy translation

If you run your organization internationally and need to accommodate to your customers, you can translate your predefined fields into any number of languages that is necessary for your needs, then you can easily switch between them as you wish.

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Whether you are running a small business or a large enterprise, ThunderPDF can make your workflow more efficient and cost effective.

How to use ThunderPDF

Manageable by anyone, in a few easy steps.

Set up and preparation

Edit the SFPDF template in Microsoft Word to predefine any fields you might need in your desired document, and upload it via Saleforce.

3. Define required fields and mark them. Define default values, use "xxx" if they need to be dynamic.

4. Add Custom buttons to the layout ofthe objects where you want to generate PDF’s e.g. Create Quote, Preview PDF, etc.

Document generation

SFPDF automatically extracts the relevant information that you need from Salesforce to your document, as predefined in the template.

Export and share PDF

ThunderPDF allows you to deliver your generated documents via a wide range of options and channels – store in the Salesforce Documents tab, print to a network printer, or send by email  – all without leaving Salesforce.

TRY ThunderPDF

Document examples

Highly customizable templates for all your sales needs.
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